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Brought to you by the Amazon Best Selling Author... Elisabetta L Faenza!

Author of the  Amazon Best Seller...  The Energy Code

Elisabetta L Faenza
Author - Elisabetta L Faenza

“Elisabetta Faenza not only helped me identify my life-path and ambitions, she gave me a new way to look at the world and manage my energy. Thanks to her expert mentorship I found focus, and within a very short time I am already beginning to achieve my goals. I cannot recommend her skills highly enough!”

Jennifer Boyes Artist /Author -

U’rimadu, Song of the Planet Walkers

(True North, 2015)


ILLUMIN8DNA is a 12 month mentoring program designed specifically for women to help you unlock your deeper purpose, discover your unique genius, package your message and then publish to reach your target market. Whether your dream is to write a non-fiction book or fiction novel, create an online course, workshop, training program or keynote, ILLUMIN8DNA is the program for you.

Delivered via 12  x 90 minute one-on-one monthly mentoring sessions and 4 weekend residential retreats at Elisabetta’s country home,  this life-changing program will take you through the steps to turn your deeper purpose into reality and make a difference in the world.

Your facilitator - Best Selling Author, Elisabetta L. Faenza has mentored the best in the industry, helping them to understand their purpose, define their message and package it into keynote presentations, books, online courses and workshops. Elisabetta is a social media maverick, who understands the importance of developing a tribe of followers. Elisabetta is an internationally recognised  Author, Speaker, Performance Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist with 24 years experience helping clients realise their potential.

Unfortunately, I can only accept a select group of women into the program, as each retreat will have a maximum of 3 participants. I want to give each of you my fullest attention and the benefit of my expertise to empower you to unleash your potential. Not everyone is ready for this program, and I won't waste your time unless I believe you will benefit from the program and have what it takes to get published. To find out if you qualify, email me and let's start a conversation...

In this 12 month program you’ll: 

  • Discover your deeper purpose
  • Unlock your genius
  • Overcome self-limiting beliefs
  • Unlock your highest potential
  • Develop a strategy to realise your purpose
  • Develop the skills to communicate your message
  • Create a value proposition others will pay highly for
  • Create a Book & Course Strategy to get published
  • Write your book / course
  • Publish your book /course
  • Make your purpose your career
  • Get the validation you deserve
  • Generate passive and consulting income from your message
  • Do it over and over again!

Here's what authors have to say about working with Elisabetta

"Working with Elisabetta on my first solo book allowed me to benefit from her expertise as a writer, shortcutting the steep learning curve involved in the process.  Even more importantly as a author-mentor, Elisabetta provided the structure and accountability to get the project done. Elisabetta kept track of all the components, and helped me to get it done, and done well. The product of our collaboration - ‘The New Rules of Management' - was picked up by a major Australian publisher, and helped position me as a leading expert in my field.”  

Peter Cook - Thought Leader, Author - The New Rules of Management,  (Wiley, 2013) 


“I worked with Elisabetta to produce my book ‘Laying Bare the Power of You’ (Motivational Press, 2015), attending both a residential retreat and regular mentoring. Elisabetta stepped me through the process, making it easy for me to navigate my way from initial concept to finished book. I returned for a second retreat to develop and produce the video and marketing materials for the companion Udemy courses - Courage, Conviction, Clarity and Empowered Living. Her home is the perfect sanctuary to get away and focus on your passion project. The retreat is an experience in nourishing the soul, the body and the mind.  Elisabetta is a master at helping her clients uncover their purpose and manifest it through the written or spoken word. I highly recommend ILLUMIN8DNA to anyone wanting to live their dream.” 

Dr. Elise Sullivan PhD - Thought Leader, Author - Laying Bare the Power of You, (Motivational Press, 2015)

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ILLUMIN8DNA 12 month mentoring program - Total Value $15,000

Here's What You Get:

  • 12 individual 90 minute mentoring sessions with Elisabetta

  • Full access to ACTIV8DNA - Elisabetta's online Personal Transformation Program series on Udemy

  • 4 Small Group Intensive Retreat Weekends at Elisabetta's Country Retreat on the banks of the pristine Mongarlowe River (3 nights / 2 days), of pampering, inspiration and illumination

  • All retreat meals and accommodation provided

  • Guidance and editing support for your book, course and / or workshop

  • Coaching and filming of your promotional videos 

  • Individual breakthrough sessions with Elisabetta

  • Elisabetta's tips and guidance in creating your social media pre-launch and launch program

  • Support as you prepare your book, course or workshop for release

  • Step by step guidance to convert your book, course or workshop into an online course

  • Introduction to an international publisher

Getting your book written is just the beginning. Elisabetta’s expertise extends to helping you find a publisher, developing a tribe of followers through social media marketing and developing programs to leverage the success of your book...

As part of the select group of ILLUMIN8DNA women, you also get unlimited FREE access to the ACTIV8DNA home-study/programs - Valued at $1500 - delivered via digital download.


FREE Lifetime access to these tools via Udemy...

ACTIV8DNA Month 3 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 1 Downloads
The Energy Bucket E-book & Video Bundle

ACTIV8DNA Month 3 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 3 Downloads
The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Motivation E-book
& The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 2
ACTIV8DNA Month 5 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 5 Downloads
The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Exercise E-Book
& The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 4

ACTIV8DNA Month 7 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 7 Downloads

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Productivity
E-book & Video Bundle
& The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 6

ACTIV8DNA Lesson 2 Downloads
The Energy Code Workbook E-Book
& The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 1
ACTIV8DNA Month 4 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 4 Downloads
The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Nutrition E-book
& The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 3
ACTIV8DNA Month 6 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 6 Downloads

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Behaviour Change
 E-book & Audio Bundle
 & The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 5
ACTIV8DNA Month 8 Downloads
ACTIV8DNA Lesson 8 Downloads

The Energy Code Unlocking the DNA of Bigger Purpose
E-book & Video Bundle
 & The Energy Bucket Key Principle Video 7


Praise for ACTIV8DNA:

ACTIV8DNA made me think, assess my mindset and behavior and create a plan of action to get me where I want to be. I've already achieved some benchmarks on my way to greater success as a result of putting these ideas and techniques into action. I loved the video lectures, and the downloadable documents and workbook. I've been listening to the audios before bed and I think that's the reason I've been sleeping better and waking with more energy.
                                                                                                                                                                                    T. B. May, 2015

This course is everything it promises. The videos were engaging, not too long, straight to the point and the instructor was extremely knowledgeable, explaining the science behind success in easy to understand and apply terms. The production quality was excellent, the instructions were clear and precise. I will refer to this course, again and again, and use it to help me achieve my goals in all areas of life. Elisabetta really knows what she is talking about, no gimmicks, no platitudes, just fantastic techniques backed by science to help you become the best version of YOU possible. I feel it is already changing my life for the better.
                                                                                                                                                                                    J.D. June, 2015   

Here's what people have to say about Elisabetta's transformational programs with individuals and organisations:

"Elisabetta is an engaging and inspirational speaker. Her extraordinary passion is matched by her extraordinary business success and testimony to her knowledge in business and personal development. Her simplicity in explaining 'the hard stuff' makes an MBA look farcical. She not only walks the talk but shows people how to walk their own talk."

Nils Vesk,


"Elisabetta succeeds in translating the complex science of epigenetics into a very readable and understandable form. I particularly liked the way she interwove anecdotes into the theoretical explanations and the underlying message that we can all take personal responsibility for creating a better self, workplace and world.”

Jim Landau, TEC Chair, Entrepreneur


"I am always inspired by the insight, creativity and dedication Elisabetta brings to whatever she does. She has the unique ability to not just think outside the box but think outside the field that the box sits in."

Dr. Jaroslav Boublik


"Working closely with Elisabetta, she has made a dramatic impact on my business and as mentor driven me to find my true potential."

Frank Rositano


"In more than 20 years of working with people and performance there is no doubt that when you find your personal style or code that gives you the right inputs you are better placed to lead, serve, choose, and contribute to the world. Elisabetta has shone the torch or clarity on this vital topic as we seek to unify our efforts whilst celebrating our distinctiveness."

Rohan Dredge


"After 50 or so years of corporate management and doing several of these processes (both organisational restructuring and management training ) - this is by far the best. I fully endorse the process and Elisabetta's excellent facilitation skills. It is not confronting yet it gets you to the intersection of your individual purpose and the organisations mission. Our team has benefited enormously from this exercise in gaining clarity about where each fits and how their individual purpose fits within the organization. The organisation as a whole has benefited by having its core purpose, mission and brand clarified.

Elisabetta is vibrant, has an exceptional ability to work with people, and addresses issues with practical and knowledgable wisdom. We will be working with her into the future. "

Antony Coote AM - Founder, The Mulloon Institute


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